January 2020

Composition in photography frequently talks about conforming to various rules, such as the rule of thirds, or using concepts such as leading lines or dutch angles.

While these concepts may have their limited use, I fear they are overused.  When talking about composition in photography we mostly forget to talk about the fundamental elements and principles of design that serve as the fundamental building blocks of composition

In the next few months I am going to go through those each of those elements and principles in my blog in the hope I can help clear up some of the confusion around compositions in the visual arts.

The first blog post on this is an intro to the various ideas which you will find here.

















November 2019


At the end of November I was commissioned by Saskatchewan Blue Cross to create a work of art about Saskatchewan.  I chose to build a story based on the concepts of a tapestry with stories and flow weaving in and out of the work.  The final image was 13 feet wide and almost 4 feet feet high and it features work from all across Saskatchewan.