Like the shifting sand
Time wears away memories 
Of why we are here

Week 01 - LonelyWeek 01 - Lonely

This image was made in the Athabasca Sand Dunes during a trip I took some time ago.  Getting in and out of there is difficult as it requires a 4-hour boat ride from Fond Du Lac, and once you are there, you can only get out the same way.  It is an almost mystical place with 100 to 200-foot-high dunes that continuously shift around.  This tree was the only tree in the area as the sand had drifted over and covered all the other trees around it.  The process is that as the tree begins to sense “the gig is up” at which point it use all it’s remaining energy to fill up with cones - in the hope it will be able to start some seedlings.  That had not quite happened to this tree yet but looking at the dunes building up I don’t think it would be long.  To me, this is about loneliness and living on borrowed time.  Loneliness, both because it was the only tree there and because the place, in general, is so infrequently visited by anyone.  And, the tracks from anyone passing through the area are wiped out within a few days from the drifting sands.