I think photography is probably the most misunderstood and least apricated of all art forms. After all, how hard can it be to snap a picture and post it on a social media site and have one’s skill validated by some thumbs up from a bunch of people we barely know. Granted, most of what is posted on Facebook or Instagram is rarely worth any serious attention but when work shows up that deserves better, it is all too often rewarded with nothing more than a cursory glance and some meaningless emojis. As if a thumbs up can really explain how we feel about something – in Roman times it at least meant you got to live and fight another day.

I for one would like to try and change that and see if I can bring some sanity back by offering a large free print to two people that will take the time and engage in the process of looking at and writing a response to the work I post. Every week, for the next year, I commit to post a new image and one week later pick the best two responses and send them a 16 x 24-inch print free of charge.

The rules are simple:
1) I will post a new image every Sunday and give you a week to respond.
2) You engage in some meaningful with the work. Likes, and responses like “I love this image” don’t count. Give me a written response which can either be a critique, your feelings about it, or a story about what you will do with the print if you get it.
3) Every Sunday I will pick the two best responses and update the post with my choice and mail out prints to the people whose responses I felt were the best.
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