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Sheila Coles Moments

Deliberately leaving a legacy is something that takes time, effort, and dedication. But what about the times when it happens as a result of something unexpected.

In 2011 we were living on Vancouver Island, but after my wife received a job offer too good to ignore we decided to leave the Island and move to Saskatoon. At that time the CBC provincial morning show, The Morning Edition, was still broadcast on FM radio in Saskatoon and every weekday morning we would wake up to Sheila Coles talking about Saskatchewan.
Sheila's love of Saskatchewan was apparent from the moment we tuned in. Her descriptions of the incredible diversity of the Saskatchewan landscape became a great inspiration of ideas for places we wanted to visit and, I can safely say that Sheila was instrumental in us setting out on a quest to get to know this province. Since 2011 we have been to every corner of Saskatchewan; from Athabasca Sand Dunes to Grasslands - from Pierceland to Kenosee Lake.

But it did not stop there. At the time, after 25 years as an IT consultant, I decided to take a break and go back to University to pursue a Fine Arts Degree. My focus was on photography, and I could not help noticing how much Sheila would sing the praises of photographs of the Saskatchewan sky especially sunrise and sunsets. I cannot disagree with Sheila, the light in Saskatchewan is genuinely unique with a vibrancy not often seen anywhere else. In retrospect, it is not surprising we soon began to refer to those moments as Sheila Coles Moments.

As a token of my appreciation, for all the ideas Sheila has given me over the years, I dedicate this gallery to her and those times which we will always think of as “A Sheila Coles Moment”. I cannot think of a better way to say goodbye to Sheila and wish her all the best in whatever new endeavors she decides to embark on.

And, Shiela, if in your travels you occasionally need a fix of that great Saskatchewan sky, you can always check back here.
Jannik Plaetner
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