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Purchasing a Print

Ansel Adams is supposed to have said that "The negative is comparable to the composer's score and the print to its performance." As a print maker, and unlike most photographers, I prefer to print my own work as it gives me the complete artistic control I need to bring out the best in my work.

All my prints are limited edition prints done using only the best archival quality papers and inks. Every print is meticulously examined for flaws and comes with a lifetime guarantee (my life) as long as you have it professionally framed.

Although all my photographs are for sale, the works in this gallery represent some of my very best works and many of these images have won a number of competitions or been published somewhere.

All images are printed 16" on the smallest side. For example a standard portrait print will be 16" x 24" and a standard landscape format would be 24" x 16". Some images, like panoramas, may be up to 48" or 60" wide and 16" tall.

All prints are $350 which includes taxes, shipping and handling. If you are interested in a print contact me using the link below and together we can arrange for the details of the print.
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