The Story Behind the Image

Every image tells a story but sometimes the story might not be what you think.  In my year long project of giving away limited digital prints to friends and acquaintances I often get comments about the beauty of the work and the subject matter, but not very frequently about the underlying subject.

Photographs can be sneaky and deceiving that way.  As a viewer it is easy to be be lulled into a false sense of reality thinking the image is about the subject matter when the subject is really about something quite different.  In this exhibition, I have teamed up with a fellow artist Chris Poole who will provide some insight into the works with his Haiku about the subject.

I have chosen to use the same works as my Year Long Project as those images have been selected especially for their deeper subject meeting.  I hope you enjoy the work and please feel free to contact me if you would like more context.


  Like the shifting sand
Time wears away memories 
Of why we are here
Week 01 - LonelyWeek 01 - Lonely     Fragile wisps of grey
wash the colors from my eyes
monochrome daydreams
Week 02 - Morning PaddleWeek 02 - Morning Paddle

Wilderness beauty
Hotels and tourists and trash
Hide behind the lens

Week 03 - Beat the CrowdsWeek 03 - Beat the CrowdsDay 37     I am different
Please see me for who I am
And love me for it
Week 04 - Tiny ShroomWeek 04 - Tiny Shroom
  Nomads of the sky
Back to fish the restless weir
Winter fades away
Week 05 - ArrivalWeek 05 - Arrival     Dreams for the future
Become relics of the past
Discarded and gone
Week 06 - MemoriesWeek 06 - Memories
  The paint cracks and fades
shedding the stories of those
who made it their home
Week 07 - Door 14Week 07 - Door 14    

Ghosts of steam engines
Echo across our great land
Lost in mists of time

Week 08 - The Great TrailWeek 08 - The Great Trail
  Someone loved it there
Born to live the rugged life
Gone without regrets
Week 09 - AbandonedWeek 09 - Abandoned
    Grain fields feed the world
Runoff stains the watershed
Colorful dead lakes
Week 10 - Crooked LakeWeek 10 - Crooked Lake

We consume it all
Past the point of no return
Change is upon us


Week 11 - SwingsWeek 11 - Swings

Quiet in the night
celestial undulations
everlasting life

Week 12 - Nature's FireworksWeek 12 - Nature's Fireworks

Part way through my day
When everything seems the same
I see something new

Week 13 - Getting LostWeek 13 - Getting Lost
    Shaped by wind and age
Painted by rain, sleet and sun
Prairie Picasso
Week 14 - TiredWeek 14 - Tired

They came to escape
Displacing those before them
Trails of loss and tears

Week 15 - Saskatchewan ClicheWeek 15 - Saskatchewan Cliche    

Do I trust myself
To move beyond my failings
Or betray it all


Week 16 - The PathWeek 16 - The Path

Can you feel the pull
Sweet promise of the unknown
Stories not yet told

Week 17 - Shiny RailsWeek 17 - Shiny Rails    


The air burns my throat
Smoky haze distorts my sight
Forests are burning

Week 18 - Smokey BreakWeek 18 - Smokey Break

Tamed for a moment
Restless water held at bay
The locks rise and fall

Week 20 - Early MorningWeek 20 - Early Morning    

Between dusk and dark
Colors fade into the night
Then comes the blue hour

Week 19  - The Blue HourWeek 19 - The Blue Hour

Destructive beauty
Little beetles and blue mold
Stain the forests red

Week 21 - Beetle AttackWeek 21 - Beetle Attack    


Two cozy red chairs
Slow down and sit for a while
Enjoy what we have

Week 22 - Winter's WaningWeek 22 - Winter's Waning
  Water feels the pull
Racing down to the ocean
Shaping the planet

Week 23  - Old SchoolWeek 23 - Old School    

Was this here before?
Heat and dust shift my vision
Old changes to new

Week 24 - Not in KansasWeek 24 - Not in Kansas

Two worlds come to meet
One pure and one distorted
Each tells a story

Week 25 - Upside DownWeek 25 - Upside Down    

It was built for war
But it is much more useful
For peaceful pastimes


Week 26 - In Case of WarWeek 26 - In Case of War

The earth will survive
Our careless treatment of it
Will we be there too?

Week 27 - What FutureWeek 27 - What Future    

Darkness slips away
Colours wash the morning sky
A new day is here


Week 28 - First SunWeek 28 - First Sun

Thrust up from the crust
Worn down by eons of rain
The story of earth


Week 29 - IslandsWeek 29 - Islands    

Go answer the call
Ride the waves so wild and free
Then back home to me

Week 30 - Safe HarbourWeek 30 - Safe Harbour

The fog engulfs me
I can not tell sea from sky
And float between them


Week 31 - VanishingWeek 31 - Vanishing

cold northern coastline
How can something so austere
Be this beautiful

Week 32 - Biscayan CoveWeek 32 - Biscayan Cove

I hear the fiddler
Playing the songs of the sea
Come and dance with me


Week 33 - Side DoorWeek 33 - Side Door

Ancient mantle rock
Thrust by tectonic movement
Windswept and barren


Week 34 - UnchangingWeek 34 - Unchanging

Little wooden sheds
Fragile against the ocean
Defying the storms


Week 35 - ShedsWeek 35 - Sheds    

We all have that dream
A moment from another time
A place in our heart

Week 36 - Edge of CanadaWeek 36 - Edge of Canada

Fog spreads abruptly
Racing the waves to make shore
Erasing the land

Week 37 - Fog Rolling InWeek 37 - Fog Rolling In    

She sits high and dry
Adrift in summer flowers
Will it sail again?

Week 38 - GroundedWeek 38 - Grounded

A hole in a rock!
It seems to be an odd way
To see beyond it

Week 39 - Long ShotWeek 39 - Long Shot    

The light cuts the night
A Beacon of safe passage
Guiding the ships home

Week 40 - Canadian GuardianWeek 40 - Canadian Guardian

So close to the sea
Homes balanced on stilts and rock
Proud of who they are


Week 41 - TranquilWeek 41 - Tranquil    

Up pops a gopher
Ready to run from danger
Unmoved by the view

Week 42 - Hello ThereWeek 42 - Hello ThereBeing Watched

The ocean is calm
I sit with dandelions
Completely at peace

Week 43 - Beach LifeWeek 43 - Beach Life    

The ship sits askew
Beached for some unknown reason
Denied from the sea

Week 44 - Grounded IIWeek 44 - Grounded II

Seabirds far and wide
Traversing the wind and waves
Their cries fill the sky

Week 45 - BirdsWeek 45 - Birds    

They may seem the same
Look deeper to see much more
Diffuse reflection

Week 46 - This Way UpWeek 46 - This Way Up

Sparse land yields little
Surging seas demand respect
Snug home in the cove


Week 47 - Edge of Canada IIWeek 47 - Edge of Canada II    

Embrace the winter
There is much to discover
If you take the time

Week 48 - Saskatoon WinterWeek 48 - Saskatoon Winter
  Deep in the far north
Sits a wooden Gothic church
Hand built by the Cree
Week 49 - Stanley MissionWeek 49 - Stanley Mission     Secrets shared with friends
Days full of new adventures
Childhood memories
Week 50 - Tofino GirlsWeek 50 - Tofino Girls
  We disrupt the land
So that all can enjoy it
Our national parks
Week 51 - Red ChairsWeek 51 - Red Chairs     A man eight feet tall
Outlaws and a rock castle 
Tales from Big Muddy
Week 52 - Big MuddyWeek 52 - Big Muddy